Nick's Journal
2006-04-12 00:57:20 (UTC)


well the cyst full of immigrants finally burst; now they are
oozing over every single capitol city in the united states.
of course i am one of them.
well not really. i mean i came from austria (i wasn't born
into your privileged capitalistic piggish life); but i am by
no means a free-loading illegal immigrant.
in fact i am trying to become a citizen of this great country!
there that's my spiel.
so this whole immigration issue is quite dear to me for
multiple reasons.
1.) i am in somewhat the same predicament as these good folks
2.) i realize the value of immigrants (illegal or not) to
this great nation
3.) for some reason when someone says the word immigrant i
always think of latinos, is that racist?
so anyhow. as i said, i'm becoming a citizen and as a part
of this ridiculously hard process is an interview at the
nearest naturalization compound.
now if there is one thing i learned (other than the 544
facts i've memorized about this country that you as such a
bona-fide freedom loving american probably have no idea
about) it is that black people hate latinos more than the
worst racist white person.
it's all a bit ironic with a sprinkle of overt hatred/racism.
it is quite a divisive issue on paper anyhow. i mean this
country couldn't function without illegal immigrants
cleaning up our shit. see america isn't the only nation
with this problem, europe is in the midst of it as they
integrate the eastern european countries (shit GERMANY had
the problem reintegrating ITSELF).
the problem with america as a whole is that it acts like a
rich kid in a middle-class neighborhood. in a way you're
flattered that all of these kids hang out at your house, but
you have the sinking suspiscion that they are just using you
for your awesome toys. they break the toys and then
disappear. they let you take them out to dinner but never
seem to want to invite you to their house (not that you'd
want to go there cos it smells like shit).
after a while you realize you're always paying for your
dead-beat friend. i mean sure he'll once in a while he'll
help you clean your room or something, but overall he just
seems to be free-loading.
now that rich kid has blown up. he's sick of his poor
friend free-loading on him and saying, "dude i so helped you
pick up your toys last week!"
the problem with this problem is that it is not clear-cut.
not really a philosophical problem but a horrible nightmare
for any political process. how can you divide people along
a line that is so fuzzy?
so far you've only gotten the poor kid to throw rocks at
your beautiful house, but that's it.

now for the majority of it i believe that immigrants are
quite hard-working. i mean take today for instance.
i was pumping gas as this black guy walked up to me (see i'm
expanding my inventory of immigrants) and asked,
"hey you want me to pump your gas?"
now considering that the nozzle was already in the tank and
that i had pumped about half of it i declined, although i
was quite impressed by his enterpre-negro attitude.
"no thanks, i think i got it."
"wash your windshield?"
"nooo." - starting to make me feel uncomfortable.
"want to buy a beard trimmer?"
now i don't really have a beard or anything and besides that
this man had a panache for having the most inconvenient
conveniences to offer.
"ummm, no thanks man."
and he moved on to the next victim...i mean potential purchaser.

the "solutions" our great politicians have tried to conjur
are fucking ridiculous. making all illegal immigrants
felons? commmmmmmmmmmme on! as if we don't have enough
non-violent offenders behind bars. and you know putting
them in prison would alleviate US PAYING FOR THEM WITH OUR
christ, so stupid.

so quite bitchin' nick. what's your solution? well here it
is. it's a stupid idealistic capitalistic (is that an
oxymoron?) hope. how about we start adhering to true free
trade agreements? or investing in SOUTHERN mexico instead of
right at the border?
the problem with mexico and most latino immigrant homes is
that their government is inept at advancing capitalistic
ideals. the sorry relapses into socialistic systems that
fragemnt their region (which some morons herald as revivals)
only exarcebate their inability to well...capitalize.
the reason why a leftist tide sweeps across latin america is
because inept governments are incapable of encouraging
enterprise. so therefore, the people want a quick solution.
shit i don't blame them. if you're poor and starving don't
you want a "leader" who values the people?
the problem solely rests in the fact that any sort of sorry
free trade agreement we draw up is not intensive enough for
the culture of latin america. take china as a counter
example (or india) very simply their culture is more
conducive to exploitation of their servicable abilities.

this is not entirely the fault of the people. take the
middle east for example. a bunch of people so backwards
because their governments exploit them, because they can
keep them happy with the profits of oil. look at venezuela.
hugo chavez is corrupt but is able to prop himself up on
the shaky elbow called oil. as long as governments rely on
some near-term resource to prop up their ridiculous promise
people will continuously flow to "the free world".

the reason why capitalism works is because it is reflexive
to how our society has developed. long-term gain is a bitch
but in the end it is what is the most sustainable.
sustainable development is usually some non-sensical
completely rhetorical phrase used in environmental jargon,
but is what drives success. it consists of ups and downs but
in the end it is sustainable.

propping yourself up on fabricated wealth which will
eventually run out adn lofting a socialist state upon it
will eventually drive people to other nations (america).

america needs to realize the indaquacies of other
governments and the way they think. the only way to help
them (and us) is not to create felons out of people who wnat
someting better, but to expose the governments that govern
these people for the criminals they are so that sustainable
development may be implemented in their region.