2006-04-11 07:17:59 (UTC)

Repelling Mono Spell and alot of fights a brewing...

First on the topic of repelling mono. So apperently I gave
my honey Mono. How was I suppose to know that once you've
had it you become a carrier and you can pass it on to
anyone you kiss in the future. So I passed it on to Chris
and He's been sick for 3 days. The 3 days he should be
using to prep for his vacation and vagas. Now mono lasts
longer then just 3 days, so he's still sick... technically.

But this is where I think I came in...

Last night he gave me permission to do a healing spell,
charm or something like that. Originally it was suppose to
be a charm for him to take on his trip. I ended up
purifing the space, casting a circle, and preceding to
infusing energy in a stone, I have to figure out which one
that was. I couldn't find a lodestone which would have
been perfect for it, so I just worked with whichever gem I

With his pic infront of me, I infused the rock and I think
him too, as well as one of my injuries. Thre's a lot of
healing energy out there.

I finished at 1:40 am. TXT him at 1:59 am and he said he
woke up at like 2 am. Which he then preceded to taking a
shower and getting rid of the sweat. He's been sleeping in
2 hour increments. This time he fell asleep for about 6

When I called him I asked him how he was. He replied
GREAT. This surprised me GREATly. His neck as he said was
still swollen, it still hurt to drink. So I asked him, why
do you feel great? He said that he's begun feeling better
and better. He figured it could be cause he had a good
nite sleep. Well, atleast he wasn't fatigued. So good

I was on the phone with him before he was boarding for
Vegas. He said that he doesn't even feel sick anymore.
He's not suppose to drink alcohol, or have any sugar, or
dance, or lift heavy items. So this is a concern now. He
feels good, but he might still have this infection. He's
not completely out of it. I don't know how quickly he'll
fully recover.

SO here's the big question for me. Is his immune system
really "the bomb." (A direct quote from him) Or did my
spell/ gem charging have anything to do with this?

I just hope he has a great time, doesn't loose too much
money, and doesn't get over confident with his feeling
I'm curious so as to what he thought of the letter from me
for him to read on the plane.

About the fights a brewing... this is a good thing. Great
thing actually. It gives me something to do during the
summer. The guys and I have begun choreographing fights in
the park again. Oscar is very highly encouraged to do
this, so I have to keep that going. I started story
boarding some of these fights. The goal is to choreograph
this, create a plot out of it somehow, record it in
costume (Trench coats) and make a film of it.

This is more then great because it gives me more to
purpose at Win's house. I'll go there when we have some
more concrete plans. Just hanging is fun for so long. I
could go there to finish storyboarding, hang with the
guys, and every now and then we could go outside and

This also binds us as a group. I've always thought 2 main
things of my group of friends. 1 I'm probably gonna date
someone from this group because apperently friends make
the best lovers. 2 We might end up working together in
film. So many of these guys know atleast the basic cam
handling, some actors, one writer, stunt guy with his own
crew, so far only one has access to basic Columbia College
film equipment, a few martial artists, and everyone has
something that another doesn't. It's a great ensemble
really. From amateur starters atleast, it's better then
good. We all just have to get trench coats though

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