slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2006-04-11 11:46:21 (UTC)

sub diary 10-04-06


without permanent access to a computer, my entries are not
daily. i make sure i do an entry when & if something of
importance happens. i had the dinner i mentioned in my
last enty. it was great to sit around and talk about
things on our minds and the happenings in our lives. i was
able to discuss some of my concerns as well as hear some
good advice from some of the people who love me most. i was
also able to give my opinions on the others comments as

i was able to chat briefly with Master this morning. He
has ordered me to make the effort to go out each day.
today i went out to buy new shoes. i dont really need new
shoes but it was a reason to go out. (see Master i do
follow orders). while i was out i had a terriffic time. i
joked about and acted like a child..i know not the normal
actions of a woman in her late 20's. but at times i like
to step outside the square and do things for no other
reason than they are fun. it was fun and a good laugh.

when i returned home i was able to chat with Master again.
i told Him of my actions and now i believe i will not fit
in with His family. they are very conservative and where i
can act conservative i cant keep the act up indefinately.
when i go to live with Master it is more than just as His
slave. i will be His wife, lover and long term companion. i
also have piercings and tattoos which they wont approve of
either. Master sees me in one way but i am sure His family
will not see this way at all. His family is older. it has
never bothered me before but now i realise it just isnt
Master who is a little older than myself but His whole

i love to dress outrageous at times and i love to play
dressing up with any family kids. Master has nieces who i
would love to make dress up clothes for but it seems that
these clothes must be of the conservative kind. Their
grandparents & parents wouldnt approve of anything less. i
am me and i can only be who i am. i can not pretend to be
someone i am not.

parts of me i hide but if i am forced to suppress the real
me than i prefer not to be.

slave jess {MJ}

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