void deck
2006-04-10 15:01:23 (UTC)

i want to be a freakonomer

i've just read another 2 chapters of Freakonomics. i really
enjoy this book... the authors are truly brilliant. they're
explaining the hidden side of things through the perspective
of an economist. today i learnt new things such as the
information asymmetry, why do drug dealers live with their
mum and the similarity between KKK and real estate agent.
the book made me chuckle... i love it.

exams in two weeks time. yesterday i went to soup spoon with
joyce. i ate clam chowder, sandwich while joyce ate mushroom
soup. the soup is really very nice although i would say that
it's rather pricey.

i got an email from nicholas via friendster yesterday. he
made me laugh, he made me smile, he made me cry, he warmed
my heart, and... he broke my heart. i miss him.

things have not gotten better. i have a bn3401 test this
wed... 2 tuitions tomorrow...

i feel scared... scared of everything uncertain... scared...

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