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2006-04-10 04:56:52 (UTC)

here's hoping it was worth it, old friend.

if life were that game
where the carpet is the lava
and the walls were the jungle
and the island in the kitchen was the home base

if life made it seem as though the coffee table were a ship
and you would row row row with your trusty swiffer oar
and the treasure
OH the treasure
if it were a record
playing alvin and the chipmunks
and a bowl of cocoa pebbles sitting on the counter
surrounded by linoleum fire pits

rocks hidden in the chandeliers
about to fall fall fall
onto your head and through your chest
and thrust you into the LAY-Z-BOY purgatory
where you'd watch everyone else jump from counter to
and knock the coupons off of the microwave
and onto the giant spider webs that had appeared in the
doors jams
signaling the danger
the sheer and certain danger below

when life becomes a sea of snakes in the living room
and the windows open up to eat our fingers
and the curtains grab our arms like a man of war
that squishes our veins outside of our bodies

i promise ill go barefoot
ill step beside you barefoot
and ill give you my penny loafers
my magic penny loafers
that everyone knows about
for thier power to fight the giant spider
and their ability to turn into stones
and help you leap leap leap across the lava
and onto the counter

where ill be watching you from the LAY-Z-BOY forever.