2006-04-09 06:22:05 (UTC)

Not sure what to write but meh

It's 1:10 a.m. and I just woke up again a little while
ago. Not sure what I'll be doing for these morning hours.
Not sure what I'll be doing this day. I like it when it's
this peaceful. Everyone is either not here or sleeping.
Not much movement goes on inside or outside the house,
it's dark, and the air is fresher outside. Very calm, love

I could read that book, Men are From Mars, Women are from
Venus. I could read another shakespearean sonnet.
Actually, I could do a few. I'm awake, not hungry and
willing. I might play the sims. It's addicting. Love that

Hopefully I'll do a little bit of all. Might just end up
playing the sims. Or I might watch a movie. Something
should be on at 3 a.m.

When it comes to later today... I'm not sure what I'll do.
Being up this early will probably have me go to sleep at
a "normal" time. I would kinda like to find a job for this
week that pays cash. Maybe a bar, maybe anything. My mom
and dad are looking for part time work even though they
have full time. Or something about that time bracket. Just
for the next 5-10 days would be good, I guess.

I know it's not good to count your money before you have
it... so I'll resist, and won't do it.

I might do the whole looking for something tonight too.
We'll see. Meh

P.S. I didn't go to Win's tonight, so yay,
Didn't go last nite, I was at Ellah's and Topher's
Didn't go the nite before, I was at home
Don't remember anything before.
But this is a good thing cause it's not good to be at
Win's with the guys all the time. Yeah