My Ruined Reputation
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2006-04-09 03:34:14 (UTC)

Faith In The Ones You Love

Sometimes I don't get relationships. And I'm not talking
about boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. I'm talking
about friends. You would think that a person you've been
practically best friends with since 8th grade, who's been
through so much with you, that you've helped so much over
the years, would stick with you and other people who have
done the same thing. Me, Jasmin, Jenna, Krista and Lisa
have all been close friends since last year. And the year
before that me and Jasmin were close friends with her. So
why would Lisa betray all of us like this?
I guess I should start from the beginning. On March 23,
Krista and Jenna got into a car accident. Jenna was fine,
but Krista and her mom weren't. They weren't wearing their
seatbelts, so Krista got slammed into the rearview mirror
and got glass everywhere and her mom just got some glass
in her arm. Krista had to be airlifted to the hospital
because of possible head trauma. A few hours, one surgery
and 47 stitches later, we found out that she would be
fine. She just barely came back to school this week.
And so I guess these two girls, Chloe and Jordan Zuber,
have something big against Jenna. Because on Tuesday, they
beat her up. Then Jordan blamed Krista for starting it and
said she started it by 'spitting in her hair.' Everyone
with half a brain knows that's bullshit. So Krista got
suspended. The main reason I'm pissed off because of that
is because they did it to her almost AS SOON as she got
out of the hospital. Only the day before she had come back
to school.
When me and Jasmin heard about all this, we wanted to kick
both of their fucking asses. Who wouldn't? They fucked
with our friends. We knew that Lisa sorta knew who they
were, and we had no idea what they even looked like, so we
asked her to point them out to us. And please realize that
Lisa had only met them a few weeks before. She wouldn't
tell us. I understand that she doesn't want them to get
hurt or anything, but they just fucked up Jenna and got
Krista in trouble for it, both of which are her very good
friends. Or WERE her very goof friends.
Why would she choose them over us? It doesn't make sense.
We've done so much for her. We've been there for her
through all her mood swings, as annoying as they can be,
and we've never left her side. Never. Sure, she sometimes
would do things to piss us off, but we let them go. But
this is different. This is just going too fucking far. She
bugged the fuck outta us a lot of the time, but did we
leave her? No. We didn't. We would be mad at her for a
little bit and then we'd all be fine with her again.

She's changed so much...It hurts. She's not the same Lisa
I knew last year. This year has changed her so much. She's
not my mini-me any more. She's not Lisa. I don't even know
who she is anymore. She'll choose the 'kooler' kids over
us, just because she wants to be accepted by the 'kool'
kids. They don't even like her. They use her because she
has money. That's all.

I don't get people. I don't get them at all.

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