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2006-04-08 15:10:27 (UTC)

Making something out of what you have

lately (unfortunately) i've been inundated by this black
congresswoman Cynthia McKinney alleging racism for being a
dumbshit. despite the fact that none of her arguments merit
any accolade of logical reasoning, i wish to say that she is
a detriment to all "progessives".
you see. i know i am a person of privilege. i am white. i
am male. my parents were never poor. i have never had to
endure a 'true' hardship in my life, but you know what? i am
un-apologetic for this (despite chris rock's hilarious,
although mis-guided assertations).
you see i know that i benefit off of what i have been born
into, but i intend to make the most of out of all of it. i
have failed a couple of times (quite literally) but i have
not let it be an excuse. i know the priliveged platform i
jumped off and i am now climbing my way to the peak.
so how bout Cynthia McKinney? not only is she a person who
invokes non-sequituer arguments in her "defense" but she is
someone who has a privileged position. all that someone
asks of her now is that SHE SHOW HER ID!!!!
all that someone asks of me is that i not ask their tax money.
who is the more privileged?
i allege racial profiling! i am so white. i have been
profiled to simply meander about the path of "success" and
if there are a few bumps then i should simply smooth them
out. because according to chris rock's analogy:
'i started in a corvette'
'others started in a ford'
'if my corvette breaks down well then it is only the right
of the ford to assume the inadequacy of its design and
succumb it'.
how bout this one?
'i was a pinto. i turned into a hyundai. drove for a while
and finally became a mercedes....crashed that bitch so hard
it wasn't even funny. but because i started out in a pinto
i should be able to harken back to that car. i mean who can
ever feel animosity for someone who started out in a lesser
car, moved to a phenomenal one and then fucked it up? who
indeed............oh wait. Ms. McKinney.'
fuck you bitch. your privilege is what has put you in this
predicament. you took your pinto self and drove a mercedes
into a train wreck.
you are so removed from your roots that you have created a
history lesson into a non-sequiteur. you are who you are
now. that is why i try to succeed so badly. because very
simply i know i have no excuse. i want to be the best i can
be because i don't have the luxury of fucking up and evoking
the sympathy of IDIOTS.
ha. not that i'd want to court it.

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