Complicated maiden

Complicated maze
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2006-04-07 05:38:55 (UTC)

I love the Bassment.

Standing, moving, grinding, sitting.
People lurk inside the Bassment.
The deftening sounds from all around.
Deep in side the Bassment.
Conversations continuously happening.
Here inside the Bassment.

The bassment was a habitat in which i had gone to since
the age of tweleve, i can rememeber my first show, it was
overwhelming. Everything that was going on i could barely
understand. The music felt so good so right but i just
couldn't dance to it. My feet wouldnt move the way i
wanted them too. So stubborn and lousy. So i stood there
and became a head bopper.
The Bassment to me is a place full of emotions. There has
been sad times spent crying in the bathroom stalls. Times
when i couldnt stop flirting even though i could barely
hear what the others were saying. Their is so much going
on it is hard to choose what you are going to partake in.
I have had lustful times where i have mad out in the
bassment. Other times were filled with rage because i
could not stand the feelings of betrayal yet again from an
old friend. To me the Bassment is a place that is so
strange and so diverse that i dont know what to expect.
some nights i have the greatest expectations and i go and
drink the night away with nothing but an aching body,
blurred memories and stories from others to go on.

I love the Bassment.
I love the Sounds, smells, and most of all the sights.
I love to watch the people stumbling around in a haze
I love those girls who dance like there is no tommorrow.
I love the $3 Nachos
I love the smokers, the bathrooms
I love the Bassment.