I drink Alone
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2006-04-05 22:03:55 (UTC)

The Reading the Watching

Finished rereading "White Oleander" by Janet Fitch.
I freakin' love that book. The way she writes and pairs
things is amazing. I wish I had that talent.
I've seen the movie and it matches up fairly well which is
just amazing for a book turned movie.

I watched "Domino" today-I'm sure it's nothing like the
true story, and the front even made mention of the fact
it's not true.
But it was a entertaining movie. I like Kiera, she's

Heath invited me to go see a movie tomorrow night but I
don't think I'll have a baby-sitter. Mom says she doesn't
think she can.
It would be nice to get out this week. Every day I wake up
and take care of Hayden, practice music, and read. It's a
quiet and sometimes comforting lifestyle, but a little

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