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2006-04-05 21:50:59 (UTC)

The Familiar Ache

Our conversations play again in my mind.
Over and over I hear your voice,
Soft, low and whispering.
And I feel that very familiar ache.
It has become like a second skin to me.
I carry it with me all day.
In moments of aloneness, it covers me heavily.
The weight of it paralyzes me.
Your touch on my skin,
Your fingers pinching,
Your hands holding mine,
Your lips kissing,
The ache for these and more, cause stirrings in me.
A sweet yet miserable ache.
It's become familiar like an old friend.
I wait anxiously for you to speak my name,
For your voice in my ears and your skin on mine,
For you to make this familiar ache feel new again.

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