Life in the Making
2001-10-09 18:27:57 (UTC)

Two Worlds of the Same Color

Brian Kane: He's a nice guy. Tall, blonde, blue eyed, reminds me of
Tim. He's funny, sweet, and caring. He's a manager for a
contruction company, 22, already graduated form college. He lives
in BFE. WAY on the West side of town, far from all civilization.
Lives by himself, but has a roommate who sleeps in his bed with
him because his place is a one bedroom. I talk to him on the net
when he's at work. And he calls my cell, though I never answer
because I have it off. Likes to go out where there are lots of
people (clubs, dinner, movies, etc). Likes airplanes.

David Gibson: He, too, is a nice guy. A little sensitive. 18 years
old. Seems very romantic. Has brown(??? or black???) hair (uses
gel so I can't tell), and blue eyes. A litte bit taller then me. He goes
to UNLV, knows Charles, and works at Pets Mart (where Charles
used to manage). Lives with his parents on the oppsite side of BFE,
buy Nellis Air Force Base (by Lives with parents.
Likes his computer. Is a computer nerd. Very picky eater (only
meat he eats is bacon). Seems to like going to the movies, but
prefers to be out in the open away from people. Likes quite times
at home. He's majoring in Computer Science.

Brian: I like tall men, but Brian is TOO tall. Not his fault.
He has a rough look about him, though he is very gentle. Reminds
me of Tim (long face, blonde hair, tall). He likes to talk about
gibberish, which is ok. He's obbessed with hanging out with me and
Vanessa. Wants to go on double dates with Vanessa and Brandon.
Already has plans for the furture (our future) which include the 4
of us going camping and hanging out a lot. I've met him once.

David: Not very tall. Wish he could be a few inches taller,
but that isn't his fault. He has a gentle boyish look about him. Very
quite when I first met him. Talks a lot when on net, though. So do I.
Pretty blue eyes. I think I like his eyes best of all, but afriad to
look into them. His hear is way too long. Needs to get it cut.
Would be much cutier. Is in my age group. Wants to be my friend,
at least, but wants something more- I think. Needs to talk more.

I'm friends with both of them for now. Both need to understand that
I have not choosen either of them, yet. Depends on what happens
and when it happens.