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2006-04-03 12:23:02 (UTC)

bring it on home

yea so im bringing this ol' my-diary back. yea i know its
been a while since i last posted, and a lot has happened
since then. I'm still with Nat (yay), so thats still really
good. Although since my last post I went back to the
hospital. I believe I had already been to the hospital when
I last posted. Shits all out of order at school. My
transcript's gonna look shitty cuz im at this program called
springboard. I know i havent said alot about it cuz its been
about 4 months since i last posted. Anyway this Springboard
program is an alternative school program where I go from 9-2
mon-thurs and 6-1 fri. the people there are pretty cool, so
these past 3 months have been pretty awesome...well except
on 1/16/2006 i went back to the hospital again. i threatened
to kill myself, and if you've read my diary thats pretty
consistant from me to be going back the hospital. I went to
two places for 6 weeks. for the first week i was at the
Boston Childrens Hospital, after which i went to McLean
Hospital for 5 weeks. It was pure shit. its funny because i
dont even care how much it hurt me. I just care how much it
hurt my love. Since then theres been a lot of shit. my
parents are looking at a bunch of boarding schools. it seems
like they're trying to send me away. i know how much that
would hurt my love, and i really dont want to go away to
them. also, up until a couple of weeks ago, i couldnt go to
watertown to see Nat. its good that i can finally go to her
house for at least one of the weekend days. My brothers bar
mitzvah is coming. its finally here this weekend.
unfortunately, my parents are being assholes so Nat cant
come to my brothers bar mitzvah. thats complete
bullshit...it makes me think that my parents hate my
girlfriend, which is complete shit because i love her and my
parents are being pricks....its kinda too bad for them
because no matter how much they hate her, they know that i
love her and that nothing they ever do will ever stop that
or take my love away from me...speaking of my love...wow i
love her so much...itll be 1 year 2 months this friday. im
so happy that we've been together so long. we've both been
going through so much this past years with our
depresssion/friends/family its been so bad but we've stuck
together through it. im knocking on wood as i say this, but
i dont think that theres anything that can tear us
apart..lol i knocked on wood a few times...anyway im making
this public and starting it up again...

peace out and let the drama begin...


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