me, nothing more, nothing less
2006-04-03 07:39:12 (UTC)


Ok BIG story!!!!!

It all started at Stagecoach when Explore were on their
way back from Taunton (We did the festival, remember?) and
Matty Moo was having a private comvorsation with Jonah on
his phone (when someone writes a message and gives it to
the other, you know) and Jonah told me that Matty Moo was
telling Jonah that he was bi and he fancied Jonah. Then
everything bubbled down and everyone new that Matty Moo
was bi but nobody cared...until Hugh came along! Now he
was going through a bi phase at the time when he met Matty
Moo, and they were talking on MSN and flirting with
eachother and they started going out. Now this is when
Matty Moo became a dick. He went and got off with this
other guy whilst going out with Hugh, so Hugh dumped him.
Then Hugh started going out with Jane (NOT my mum!) and
Matty Moo started going out with Janes friend Milly. They
went out for a week and Matty Moo began texting Jonah
saying stuff like "Im really horney and tossing myself off
I wish you were here to watch and maybe join in" and stuff
and Jonah told Lissy and Lissy told Jane and Jane told
Milly, so Milly dumped him and he's blaming it all on
Lissy when she hasn't done anything! He shouldn't of done
it in the first place!!!!!! We all love Matty Moo but he
is being a prick! I mean it's one thing to get off with a
guy when you're going out with someone else, but quite
another to text someone kinky messages whilst going out
with someone else! Do you people agree???!!! Woah we
haven't had a scandal like this at Stagecoach since the
whole dyke thing!!!

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