Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-04-01 09:31:48 (UTC)


dra·ma (dräm, drm)

1) A situation or succession of events in real life
having the dramatic progression or emotional effect
characteristic of a play: the drama of
the prisoner's escape and recapture.

2) The quality or condition of being dramatic:
a summit meeting full of drama.

There is little that can be taken in context.

The Internet is rife with it...

I am. Amused. I've offended/creeped out some people
during one of the 3 parties I've been to in the last
2 weeks, and have summarilly been Black Listed from all
future events, and I'm sure, I'm being lauded as the
"creepy guy in black with the fucked ankle".

I find it curious, but not surprising. I won't name
names, it would be, "DRAMA" once again wafting through
the air, and as you all know, I hate and loathe drama..


I am going vent.. so fuck you all if you don't like it.

Oh.. I'm sorry.. have I offended you? Pardon me.

You see why I'm so entertained. Doesn't take much
I'm afraid. However, I am intrigued by it almost as
much as I'm amused by it, I don't often go to parties
as I find most people simply exhausting to speak to.
I hate small talk, so I don't talk much at all unless
I'm trying to be funny, however I my tastes for humor
run into fairly dark, and taudry teritory. I'm also
crass, contentious, blunt, bold, and my penchant for
spilling the blood of pretiousness snobs knows almost
no bounds.

I do however, enjoy speaking to those people who
geniunely make an effort, although my "Ice Breaking"
technique is quite.. brusque, it does tend to weed out
the faint of heart, the constipated, the morose, the
snobbery and the vast amount of complete idiots I
tend to meet.

People who don't like me, fall into 2 Categories...
Those who are envious, and those who are stupid.
The ones who are envious will never like me, and
those who are stupid will like me in a couple of years..

But. I desist. I've had my vent.

And, I have to say, I enjoyed myself at all 3 parties, no
matter what anyone else thinks.

I wonder if I should be offended? mm, I think not.
Meh, whatever, I have no use for people who are afraid to
speak thier minds, and hide behind anything less than
full unapologetic, funny, witty, and ultimately, honest

it shouldn't come as any surprise really, I'm hardly
surprised by anything these days. so, when I lost my
job because I screwed my ankle again, it as usual, did
not upset me, not particularly affect me one way, or

it should be noted, that I was a little annoyed at
the prospect of having to go out and find another
job, lest I be forced back into the mires of the
backseat of my newly found excesses... which include
among them, going to carleton for the summer to take
Latin. Yes I know, it's a fluff course and I shouldn't
be doing it because I already have a wealth of knowledge
of the material, and have been studying it for years,
but, I still would like to ace the courses and bring
my dismal gpa up...

my other excess of the summer will be my bike, and
the various road trips I've got planned in my tiny
brain. Montreal, Toronto, Portland, perhaps even
halifax to see my sister, and go surfing for a week
or two...

right now, I'm waiting on Greek food to arrive, I've
completely sworn off pizza, and pepsi, much to my
detriment, and the recurring headaches which have
plagued me to no end the last few days... withdrawl..

so lovely..