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2006-04-01 07:15:21 (UTC)

some updates

just came back from tuition and did some shopping at ikea.
bought a skubb (pillow storage bag - $19/-) and two packs of
boxes (total of $16/-). Have I told you I love packing up my
stuffs? i really enjoy the process of packing an
unpacking... get to see the stuffs i have not been touching
for some time and get to remove the excess baggage...
however, i hate moving... i hate the troubles of having to
lift the heavy boxes and lugged it my new room. well... i
hope someone will help me this time... it's scary to think
that i have to move everything by myself.

yesterday evening, ms saba called me to arrange the
interview for RA application. i din get a room next sem...
but if i am chosen as an ra, i will definitely get a room
(at rvr)... i really hope things will get better from here.
i was pretty down by everything for the past few weeks.
*crossing fingers* hope the interview goes well next mon...

i want a job... preferably internship... i have no idea why
it is so hard to find one...

talked to him couple of times last week... to think about
it, i haven't seen him for almost 2 months now (since his
birthday)... i don't know if i miss him... i really don't
know... but i know i certainly still have some sparks for
him... he has been really nice this week. sigh, thinking
about him still gets me down... why does thing have to be so

btw, i told him the other day that he was one of my
favourite ppl in the world... which is true... in fact, he
is arguably my no.1 favourite...

anyway... i'm still anxious about everything... really hope
things will get better... exams coming.

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