I drink Alone
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2006-03-31 06:03:19 (UTC)

I am finally about 98%..

I am finally about 98% recovered from that sickness last
week. It got so bad I lost my voice for a couple days. Talk
about a pain in the butt.
I had a friend over one of those days and I thought I was
doing pretty well talking till she busted out laughing at
me. But the more I lost my voice the more determined I was
to talk. I mean, I had to get everything in.
I eventually borrowed Elisabeth's music book and wrote
notes in it to ppl, except I forgot to tear out the page
after I was done and her music teacher asked why her book
had SHUT UP!! in it.

Hayden seemed to have escaped the illness thank goodness. I
do think he's teething however, poor little guy. He doesn't
fuss too much as long as he's sitting with me.

I burned quite a few cds for Caleb, I'll give them to him
tomorrow night when I go over there. I'm super freaked
about getting my nose pierced, I just think it's gonna hurt
like a bitch. But it's tooo late now.

I'll type on her later on, tell how the bloodbath went.

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