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2006-03-30 16:02:31 (UTC)


I am writing this to confess my decision to marry my
sister-in-law. Although i know that aftermath of this
marriage i will suffer hugely all the life in various forms
of emotions from relations and a possible threat for
children going to born and it might prove me a most known
stupid step in my life which may lead to huge suffering and
even taking my own life. I might be doing this becoz i
beleive i am daft.But however i think i am unable to ignore
her from my mind and its been a terrible feeling imagining
her with other guy.May be i am hugely jelous but i am unable
to cope with it. i feel this marriage would bring some lost
respect to my family.My mother is main conern for me as she
hates this marriage but i have no idea what to do.May god be
with us.This marriage may also prove total unjustice to
everyone and may lead to many complications and dividings
but it seems there is no choice for me as my mind tells me
to do that.Do I love her? I dont know but i definetely know
i like her for some reason.

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