2006-03-29 19:37:24 (UTC)


You penetrate my mind,
Penetrate my time...

...take a large part of my soul,
morphing Yours from part to whole.

You penetrate my eyes,
and wash away the dismal lies.

...carry my heart in hands so strong,
and bare my pain from past years' wrongs.

You penetrate the parts of me...
that need Your seeds of fire.

and leave me feeling weak at knee,
gorged with love and sate desire.

You penetrate my ears...
whispering away acquired fears.

Your penetrate my skin,
a slap or pinch brings lightening in

Lingering here and lingering there...
Your kisses wet and tasty where,

…others' kisses never fared.

You penetrate my taste...
biting, wreathing, heavy breathing

...leaving You upon my lips.

You pull me hard against Your hips...
and penetrate me...