slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2006-03-27 17:26:00 (UTC)

sub diary 27-03-06


i am so happy today. Master and i will talk on the phone
and hopefully Wwe will have a session. i am looking
forward to it and i hope Master takes it slowly as i feel
like a newbie again.

well Master got home earlier than i expected. i was signed
in but not at the computer. i heard the ding and knew He
was online. He asked if i was ready or did i prefer to
chat a while. i wanted to chat just for a short while. He
read my past entry and also an item i had left for Him. He
misunderstood the article i had written and asked for
clarification. all was good. then Wwe both signed out so i
could call Him as it is so much cheaper for me to call than
Him. as i dialed His number a trademan that was to come
tomorrow arrived. i tried to ring Master on His cell to
explain but i didnt get through. after 40 minutes i rang
Him and He ordered me to kneel beside the bed and tell Him
how i was presented and why i needed to be punished.

1st i was to suck my our nipples. this wasnt easy at all
but i managed. then once hard i pinned pegs onto the nipple
and around the outter area, whilst sucking my other nipple.
then some clit playing followed by some strikes with a belt
over my shoulders to my butt and back. the 1st hit stung
so much but was desired. i dont recall exactly how many
strikes i took but i do recall the buckle coming lose and
striking between the shoulder blades leaving me with a
bruise. next back to bed for more clit and nipple play.
then i was to use a wooden spoon on my inner thighs. this
was so painful. my flesh burnt as each strike hit my
thighs. then more clit play and permission given to cum.
then my breasts were to be beaten with the spoon. they were
so tender from the pegs and i lost count so i had to begin
again. Master queried my pain but i would not tell or show
Him how much i was hurting. i was so wet. more clit playing
but i didnt feel the urgency to cum...get some ice and run
it over my nipples then put pegs back on. more ice on my
clit..this burnt but felt strange. i had never used ice on
my clit before. as the ice melted i was to keep
playing...suddenly the urgency to cum was there. i tried to
beg properly but just couldnt..Master gave permission
anyway. it was so powerful. i was allowed to remove my
pegs and lay to talk with Master.

now i am feeling the after effects of today. i am sore and
i am tender. some dirrectly from the session others
indirectly. i had a warm shower and viewed myself in the
full length mirror. round dark marks cover my breasts and
inner thighs...lines of red and fine lines of blue cover
from my upper butt cheeks to the top of my thighs. i will
wear these marks for a couple of days now. they will be
the constant reminder of how much my Master loves me.

love to Master,
slave jess (MJ)

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