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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-03-25 09:33:26 (UTC)

sub diary 24-03-06


i had a few ups and downs today. i was very fortunate to
both talk and chat with Master. He called to let me know
He was on His way home and to find out if i would be able
to chat with him. i had something to do for a couple of
hours so it worked well for both of Uus. He was able to not
rush home and neither did i need to rush. it was good to
hear His voice. it does sooth me.

Oour chat was good as well. I did something for Master
that He has asked me to do from time to time. it was a
surprise. i had hoped He liked it but He said that He
loved it. that made me so happy. He also read and made a
comment about my diary. all positive and soul building.

the one thing i didnt tell Master and this was my undoing
in the end. i had a really bad headache and i was feeling
rather nauseous. i didnt want to tell Master as Oour time
together is so important to me. How i came undone is that
Wwe were having such a good chat then suddenly i knew i was
about to be sick. i quickly typed that i needed to go and
i signed out. i felt really bad as Master would not know
why i quickly signed out. after being sick, my head was
spinning so i lay down for what i planned to be a few
minutes then i wanted to sign back in to explain to
Master. i drifted off to sleep for a couple hours so by
the time i returned Master was gone.

i just hope that i am feeling better over the week end so
Master and i can spend sometime together. i dont know yet
if Master has to work over the week end or if He has any
other plans. even so most times His sunday evenings are
free so thats my monday lunchtime so We should be able to
have some quality time then. (and maybe...i hope & i pray
some kind of a session....please please please pretty
please with sugar and cream and a cherry on top?)

lots of love
slave jess {MJ}