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2006-03-24 23:19:36 (UTC)


Well, one year ago today, I wrote something in this
diary...Kinda weird to come to think of it.

However, Spring Break is back. One year ago, I toked up a
lot, I drank a lot and I went to the caves. This week, I
plan to do the same. I just dont know how yet....But I

Two years ago, was the begining. I use to chill with
Swanny and Mikel all the time that week, having a cig and
drinkin' nearly every day. God those days kicked ass.

Last week, my parents were gone, Sunday through yesterday,
I partied with hoho, lyndsey and sean every single day. I
toked every single day... But I sold some cd's and dvd's
to do so....Either way. Here's to one year ago...Today.