Don Juan

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2006-03-23 02:06:04 (UTC)

Dating Again

It's nice to be dating again... it feels good. It's
definately a new experience being with someone that I never
had seen before. I'm not used to that... all the girls
I've ever dated I had known for a good while before we
started dating. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or
not, I guess we'll see... none of them worked out, lol!
Emily is such a wonderful girl... if we end up being
together for a while I'll feel sorry for her. I'll do my
best to be as good as she deserves, but it's gonna be
hard. Then again, I am a better guy than most (as I see it
anyway). Maybe I'm as good as they come?? NAHHHHH!!!!
hehehe But, I can try.

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