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2006-03-16 07:38:02 (UTC)

Here's to good times, and a hi on life...

Well, I might be returning to the workforce soon. Woohoo I

But today has been fantastic overall. Love today. Chris
rescheduled with me from today to yesterday and I got to
see him. It was okay, but a bit too physical then what I
was in the mood for. It really is hard to date two guys at
the same time. Once you get used to one, and really care
about them, figure out how to correspond to their quirks,
you change to the other guy and have to readjust again.

I love it though. I don't get to be a playa all that often
so I'm gonna brag some more. This guy on the street
stopped me and asked me out. He said I was beautiful and
such. Wow. I love people that have the courage to do such
things. I was way too flattered. And today of all days.
This is like the second time this has happened. I mean
similar situations have happened, but never anything with
such finnesse and taste.

Then I was texting "The Hawk" as I call him. I txt him
that story and he said I deserve it. He's being way too
nice. Or I'm just not used to nice people in my life. One
way or another, is this in regards to a friendship, or
does he eventually want more from this but certain things
hold him back? I'd like to think there's more to it then
him just being nice. But that's just cause I love being
hit on by nice people, and I love the feeling of knowing
that I'm wanted by someone I care about. Realistically
though, I bet he's just being nice and all.

Then I get online and Sunny IM's me. He's wondering when
we'll go out. I haven't talked to this guy in maybe 6
months. Still it's that whole love of being wanted thing
everyone wants. And I know it's just for the looks, but
it's still there. He is a nice guy though. Maybe a bit too
touchy feely for me, but meh. Funny thing is that both him
and The hawk work at the board of trade. Now to come and
think of it so does Joe. Well what the hell. Might as well
become a personal banker, or get into finance myself. But
it really is funny though.

Oh I've yet too mention what completed the night very
well. It was Win. Of all people. We hardly talked in his
bedroom tonight, but we held each other. Smiled, kept a
descent distance nevertheless. Talked a bit. We took a a
pretty big hit with getting too physical so soon, and so,
this is going to take a while. Perhaps much longer then
possible to actually get in to a relationship. But the way
things are going with Chris... Let's just say that he is
taking his sweet ass time in making me his girl. I know
that it's not a matter of now. But I know that if we
continue doing the right things it will be soon.

Win throws the scales completely off balance. If we go
real slow and steady we might just win the race and be
together. Just like the turtle. Chris and I are much like
the Hare. We had a good healthy start, and we're
compatible, but we're kinda taking a nap right infront of
the finish line.

Well, anywhoo, I feel good.te te,
so good te te. I gotta go sleep


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