La Vida Mia
2006-03-15 22:36:58 (UTC)

March 15, 2006

open letter to an asshole

fuck off. i hate you.

why did you have to come into my life? why couldn't you
have been working that day we met and why did you have to
ask me out on a date? i don't want to love you, but i
don't know how to stop. does it get easier with time,
because it hasn't so far.

you're a piece of shit.

pretending i don't have any feelings for you seems to work
fine for everybody else but it hasn't dont anything for
me. i still know i love you. i wake up hating what you've
done to me.

since you're so concerned about any possible "feelings" i
may have for you, why do you keep calling me? why do you
lead me on? just leave me alone. you've already broken my
heart, it can't get any worse. i wish you would disappear.

i'd ask you to stop, but i'm afraid that you would. i
think so anyway. i guess that's probably more of my fault
than yours. but i'll keep blaming you.

i hope you have a hard life. no i dont.

ps. tell your boyfriend i hate him. for everything you
love about him and for everything you don't see in me.

pps. i can do better than both of you.

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