slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2006-03-15 14:18:50 (UTC)

sub diary 15-03-06 A New Day

greetings all, especially Master,

today is a beautiful day outside. if only the weather was
like this all year round. i slept ok with the help of my
pills. i woke late and immediately logged in to see if my
wonderful Master had left me a message. He had indeed. it
meant the world to me to know that He was thinking of me
enough to find the time in His busy schedule to send me a
message. i replied and then He replied...Wwe kind of
carried on a conversation via email. it was so good. i
know inside my true vocation and it has begun to eat away
at me a little. i have made the conscience effort not to
be so short tempered with others. i will try my best to be
the person i know i was before my hospital stay.

i asked Master if He could give me a command to fill a
small piece of the need inside. He was reluctant but He
did order me to play until full arousal then wait 10 second
then to cum freely. i am not to penetrate myself in any
form. He is so worried about my health. i am listening to
my body so i am sure a little extra play would have been ok
too. i has secretly wished that He may have ordered some
breast or nipple play. i did as Master ordered but it did
little to quench my desires. i am hoping that Master and i
can come to some compromise on this issue soon.

i have just spoken with Master via cell phone and He has
finished work for the day as well as attending to some
other business. He was on His way home and just had to pop
in to visit with a friend on His way. i am about to lay
down for a while as i wish to be rested . maybe when i
wake Master will be able to chat with me.

i love you Master
slave jess {MJ}

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