Complex Simplicity

Just a Girl
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2006-03-14 23:01:38 (UTC)

The What I Like/Dont Like Game...

I was Down ...
He cheered me up ...

We played a Game...
I Loved It...

It Goes A Lil Something Like This...

- I like the way your smell takes me over . How everytime
I smell it I feel safe even if your not there I feel like
your close by...

- I like how you can make me laugh even when Im angry

- I don't like it when I get angry at you

- I don't like it when you make me get angry

- I like making up with you

- I don't like your bunkbed coz' I always bang my head

- But sometimes I like your bunkbed coz' it has it's
advantages =)

- I don't like your women pillows

- I do like hugging you

- I like noodles at your house

- I don't like it when you and your brother argue

- I like your hair


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