Blood is not an issue
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2006-03-14 21:07:46 (UTC)

No work

Today i have the day off from work. So I get to go home
after I get out of this stupid class that lasts

We are talking about our second grade teachers. One got
beaten with rulers and another has an alsome one.. Mine
was a Bitch and I hated her i am glad she got hit by a car
and couldn't teach... I laugh at her Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

This class is so stupid there is no point in it. Our
teacher is being really mean today... She is still
sick...... ewwwww keep her away...

Everyone is complaining that kat is gone I
am tired of hearing that day after day you know what "I
DON'T CARE ANYMORE" Because it isn't going to bring her
back so get the fuck over it and just face the facts.
Everyone keeps asking me oh you have to drive me to see
Chelsea oh we need go see chelsea... THey don't get it I
won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

I am sorry kitty but that is the truth about it. I do
want to come see you but i have to face the facts that I
can't do anything in my car tell I pay off the car. So I
am sorry...

Love Kyle

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