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2006-03-13 16:11:04 (UTC)

It's Been A While ...

Infact...It's been a year

So much has happend so much to say...
- Nana died March 4th 05
Missing her yet know that she's resting now. No more hurt .

- Visitng Gaga now Every single Thursday . I know he hasnt
got long . So I have to make the most out of the time
left .

- Started at College September 05...Met tons and tons of
Cool people...

- Turned 17 in Decemeber which was rarther jiggy . Started
driving lessons on the day too

- Christmas came and went this year however I was
absolutley gobsmaked when sitting on the drive was a
little red clio. I love him...Yes him...He's called Elton .

- NewYear was terrible . Lets say nomore .

- However On The 4th January ... Things Changed .
I'd met a boy Online Like Almost 2Years Previous ... Cept
For Reasons we Never Met . Then nearing the End of
Decemeber ... We Finally Met . And Kissed . And Oh Wow .

So Yeah Back To The 4th January ... That Was It . T'was
Official .

And 2Months...9Days On...It's Still Brilliant...
And How'd I Know That This Could Be Real...?

Coz' It's All Him . All Of it. Everything I Do . Think
Of . Dream Of .
Its Him .

And Now more Than Ever ... He Makes me get cloudy . He
Makes my stomach do flips just with one glance . He is
totally what Ive needed and what I've been looking for .

And at the end of the day ...
"Baby These Butterflies . They Never Lie..."