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2006-03-13 13:53:57 (UTC)

Still unemployed but having more fun...

Win and I finally kissed!!! This is how it happened. Yet
again we were teasing each other on the couch this time
while the guys were congregating to play dnd and someone
was playing the pokemon game on the big screen. Anyway, it
was a nice day and Oscar convinced me to come over and
indulge in a Shinai battle. (Don't know how to spell that.)

So by the time we stopped cuddling we couldn't detach the
guys from dnd. So we went by the blue line stop by
ourselves. Woohoo. Well, after a really short battle, we
just sat down real close to each other, started holding
hands, cold in the buttox. So we continued
on the nearby bench. There we started doing the same stuff
as we did at his place. He would blow in my ear everynow
and then. I licked his ear. He gets so easily excited, or
just, responds to it easily.

I didn't want to, well I did, but things didn't happen
that way, I just kissed him. He said that was worth
waiting for, so I guess he got a better kick out of it
then I did. Since I'm used to the way Chris kisses, it
wasn't all as great as it could have been. I felt his
braces on my lips every now and again. His mustache wasn't
too pleasant either. But the second kiss got better. The
third even better. I stopped trying to kiss him like I
would Chris. I just let myself be kissed by him. That's
when I realized the fuller potential of those lips. That
kind of equipment makes him a good kisser right off the

The kicker was when shortly after that he asked me if I
wanted to be with him. Like Boyfriend Girlfriend type
ordeal. I was real surprised. It's way too soon for that.
I knew that I couldn't. Mostly because of the immaturity
here. Not his per se, just that of the relationship. It
wouldn't even matter if Chris wasn't even with me at the
time. This relationship could not exist because it would
be greately flawed. I didn't know how to put it in words.
I told him I'd think about it. There was another kiss as
he was closing the door after me when I was leaving. That
was Friday a.k.a. Saturday morning.

Now Saturday evening, I was out with Chris, his brother,
and his brothers girlfriend at second city. Interesting
triangle ey? The show was fantastic, Chris got a bit
buzzed, and we ended up at his brothers girlfriends place
later instead of Tequila Roadhouse since I lost my ID and
my license got taken away from me for driving with expired
insurance supposedly. We played Shout about Movies, Chris
and I lost terribally. He started passing out when his
brother put in Napolean Dynamite. He layed down on the
cauch, put his legs up on me. I wanted to make sure he is
staying awake. I just wanted to lay right down there with
him, turn off that stupid movie make out passionate-
aggressively and just go sleep. He noticed I was bored as
hell and watned to leave, so we left before the movie was

I drove him home, although he didn't wanna go and I didn't
want him to leave either. I figure, if I park the car
somewhere we can go by that place I've always wanted to
check out and never got a chance to. The waterfalls
weren't on though, and he said that the only thing behind
them is a crappy view of the river. We stayed in the car
and talked. The more we do that the more I feel as though
we're in an actual relationship, and that I need nothing
else. Every single time after that, (well, really it only
happened twice so far) I feel like I should stop doing
what I'm doing with Win. But I'm not going to until we can
really figure each other out.

In the car we talked about how this relationship is
lacking the two of us just having time to ourselves. So
yesterday I talked to him for 200 minutes until my phone
almost died. I'm coming over to his place on wednesday so
that we can just spend some time alone.

Today I went on line finally after so long and started
updating pictures on myspace and facebook. I glanced over
some other peoples pics and I found some of the both of
them. First I found Chris. This was at Mike's house during
a Christmas Party that I was not at. He was sitting on the
floor next to some people opening presents on a couch. He
looked so good I just kept looking at him. Then I looked
at some other pics of some Locke family members at a Thai
food place. There was Win. With his huge ass lips.

I kinda have a thing for the both of them. In which case
I'm really glad they know about each other.