My Ruined Reputation
2006-03-12 05:47:23 (UTC)

It's a Curse That Never Leaves

I don't know what to do anymore. I should be happy right
now, but I'm not. I guess I should start from the

I got home from school and I was expecting Ariel to call
because she wanted to go see a movie last night and I was
like ok, I don't really have anything better to do since
I'm not gonna be able to go up to LA. So I got home and
Jasmin called and I was like ya, ok let's hang out but I
have to stay here from my friend to call. Right after I
hung up with her, Dusty called. So I was all yay! And he
told me that he was at Audrey's house. And I was just
kinda like...you mean in LA? And he's all no in Fallbrook.
So I freaked out and I called Jasmin and she freaked out
too so we left and we met halfway between our houses like
we always do and we walked to Albertson's. When we got
there we saw Audrey and her friend took us back to her
house and Dusty was there and I was really happy. Like no
one could even understand how happy I was. Then me Jasmin
and Dusty went back to Albertson's and sat in KPFM. Then
Jasmin had to go home, so we dropped her off at her house.
So we were just walking around and stuff. Then we went
back to Albertson's and we saw Jamie and Matt Nelson and
we went back to Jamie's apartment. Like 15 minutes after
we got there Jasmin called and told me that my mom had
just called her. And that she had told my mom that I was
with Audrey. So I was like oh shit, I gotta go. I
literally RAN all the way home. In the rain. I was wet x.x
You have no idea how tired I was when I got home. It felt
like I had a cramp in every single muscle. And please
realize that Jasmin lives like a mile away from me. With
hills in between. So I got home and I acted like
everything was fine, and my mom sounded all mad, and I
asked her what was wrong. Then she told me how she called
Jasmin, and then she called Audrey, and then she called
Dusty. So I was in deep shit. I didn't have a lie for that
one. So now I'm grounded for basically a month.

Then this morning I got up at maybe 10 30 and had
breakfast and went back into my room and figured I was
gonna stay in there all day because I had nothing else to
do. Then Dusty called and I told him everything. So that
kinda sucked. And then my mom left so I was like o0o you
should come over! So he did and my brother never know.(he
was home) I gave him his Valentine's presents and stuff. I
got him a bear with a little shirt that says You Are My
Sunshine and then the poem I wrote for him that I tried to
make all pretty. So ya, that was really kool. But then he
had to leave because my mom was coming home. I didn't want
him to go. I really didn't. I swear as soon as I got into
my room and closed my door I started to cry. I don't know
why. I just did. And then about 5 min later my dad came
over and had the exciting news that his house was going to
be fixed that day. I wasn't really feeling too excited for
him, so I did a sarcastic woooo...Ya, I shouldn't have
done that. But that's beside the point. He's gone now. So
that's one thing out of the way at least.
Ehh...ya...that's about it.

I'm just really happy that I got to see Dusty. I don't
know what it is, but when I'm with him, nothing matters.
Like I don't think about the bad things anymore. They're
just gone. It's nice...

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