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2006-03-11 22:43:26 (UTC)

Ugghhh....busi, busi, busi!!


ooh well i havnt been on this thing in forever....well i
saw KYLE 6 times since the last time i wrote. last week
was our tournement and i had hurt my knee and he was the
only one all day to ask me wat happened....than he was
messing with me saying that i was gonna have to get
surgery.....i ♥ that kid to death i swear! well you
know how i said alex was gonna tell KYLE i like him? well
i dont think alex did cause KYLE acts like he doesnt
know........he talks to me ALOT!!!! i acually went to a
tournement today....i was hoping KYLE was gonna be their
but NO!!!!! Oooh i get to see him next week at the state
tournement.......we are gonna leave friday night......go
to the tournment saturday, and after the tournement we are
gonna leave & go strait to cocoa beach for spring
break!!!!!! i cant flippen wait. i am ABSOLUTLY sure KYLE
is gonna be at this tournement cause it's the
championships! and usally they take a long time so i get
to be their all day!!!!......with KYLE of course!
lol...well got to go

♥ya bunches