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2006-03-11 21:24:08 (UTC)


There are these vignettes that you can see when you're standing on the
subway platform as the cars pull in and each window passes.
Two holidng hands
Two repulsed
Kids stuck in a good good they may just miss their stop
Kids stuck in a meaningful that theyll miss it on purpose
And I can't help but recognize that I've been all of these
And I can't help but be happy that they're just images moving by---a living
picture show.

When you're watching a great band perform, sometimes its the people around
you that offer the best show.
Bad dancers and drunk girls trying to look sexy...who never realized that
drunk isn't all that sexy most times.
Maybe they've spent too much time in magazines looking at the people that
they think theyll become with such a magic potion.
And theres always that guy that dances like the music were written for his
feet. Everyone around him dances too. And you curse your spot in the crowd
that you fought so hard for.
And behind you, the guy from Philadelphia---the one who lied and told the
cute girls he was a music critic, but had left the job to persue med school---
who yells things to the band and tries to imitate their accents.
There's nothing worse than a bad fake accent
And a guy who is unoriginal enough to use "music critic" and "med school" in
the same cast of characters, same sentance even.

And theres New York that always surprises me in the warm weather, and train
rides made for reading and capturing and thinking yourself drunk. And
realizing that maybe drunk can be a little sexy. Thoughtfully drunk.

and you think to my vignette...Ill smile and wear a red dress that
burns into a memory. An image moving by. A living picture show.

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