Don Juan

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2006-03-09 23:34:01 (UTC)


Well, since I've moved to boston I've had several weird
incounters with northern women. I had one lady (truely a
lady: 28 years old) go to my friends house with us and try
to get in my pants all night long. I was drunk... but not
quite drunk enough... she wasn't bad looking, just too old
for me. Then another time a girl took me back to her house
and we were both pretty trashed. She was definately a
hottie and I wanted to do exactly what she told me to do,
but I couldn't. First off (and I'm sure all the guys in
the world are ashamed of me for this), I couldn't because
she was drunker than I and I knew it. Second, I didn't
have a condom (BIG no-no for me if I just met the girl)...
and finially her super-sized brother was in the other
room! I'd hate to fight someone bigger than me in the
first place, then to have to fight with my pants around my
ankles just wouldn't work out to be an advantage.

Now I've found me a nice northern liberal!! Figures huh?
Her name is Emily and we're going out on another date
tomorrow. I can't wait. She's so fun to be around... I
don't know if that's just because I haven't been around a
girl in so long or what?? But she's nice enough and I know
she's got a good heart because she works with autistic
kids. Common, really... you have to be a great person just
to work with normal kids. I hope I don't fall too hard for
this girl, but from what I've seen already it's gonna be
hard not to. She's smart enough to be sarcastic (very nice
quality by-the-way), very good looking, exotic, and quite
the cut-up. But I guess we'll see how it goes.

Time will tell.

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