"Day-z H"
2006-03-09 17:26:59 (UTC)

"Dreaming Of Being In Bed" March 9th, 2006

Wow, this morning isn't going the greatest. I know it
could be going worse though. It's just been a very long
morning. Starter, it was 9:40 when I rolled out of bed.
Last night my cramps from that lovely time of the month
were so painful, it was hard to sleep. I got up and was
getting around. It wasn't going too bad until I stepped
outside the door to leave. Get to my car with clothing to
change into because I know I am bleeding so bad now, that
I am going to have blood all over me. Get in the car, and
my damn emergency break was stuck on. Took me forever to
get it off. By this time, I'm already late getting to
work. Freedom sees me sitting in the drive-way wondering
what is going on. I try and call him when I finally get
the e-break off, but the phone is already busy. Turns out
his family is having a bad morning too ( worse then my
morning :( ). Finally get to work like 5 mins late, and my
cell phone doesn't want to get service in here. Takes it a
min., and I get ahold of Freedom. I am talking to him and
changing clothing at the same time. Finally, finally, my
morning has calmed down. Wrong! Water everywhere. It has
been leaking in the store again, YAY! And in more then 1
spot now. Try like 3. Get off the phone with Freedom. His
mom calls the store. Okay, that's fine, I finally got most
of the stuff I needed to done. Then in the middle of the
conversation, the phone went dead on her. This woman
already thinks I'm a childish, lazy, alchoholic, whore.
Great! She's going to love me now. Call Freedom quick on
the cell to tell him what happened (trying to make it a
quick conversation because of money$$$..it wasn't free
mintues), thinking his mom would call there if I don't
answer, because the phone has 2 charge. Nope. I called my
mom on the cell, and the store phone is going nuts. She is
calling and calling. I've about lost it by this point, so
I stay on the phone with my mom answer the cell, and all I
have to say is the phone went dead it is going to go dead
again. Then okay to the next 5 things she tells me.
Freedom's mom in one ear, my mom in the next. Ahhhh! And
they don't like each other, and I dunno what to say then
to anyone. They always bad mouth the other. Get off the
phone with both of them. Maybe it is calm now. Water is
coming in too quick, already soaked up a towel. Then I get
someone from the workshop when I am trying to move towels
and stuff to get more water. That had to look great, but
at least it was someone nice here. Water is still coming
in, I've got my cramps back and still bleeding strong, but
I give up. I'm sitting here for a bit, ha....if I can. But
I am going to go smoke a cig though, and I'm finishing it
this morning if I get someone here or not.