slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2006-03-09 22:08:48 (UTC)

talk & chat with Master


i have asked Master if it was alright for me not to address
him as Master right now. i asked him this yesterday. right
now i just dont feel very slavelike. i feel that i will
anger him. i feel different for some reason. i just cant
explain it. we had a nice chat and then we talked on the
phone. i could tell that he wasnt letting on all he knew
about my time in hospital. he was told the results of my
operations but i felt he wasnt sure if i knew or not.

it was strange talking to him. when we were chatting i
made a few comments which he picked me up on as soon as we
began talking. i am stuggling with alot of things. i
realise now that being away from my job for 3 weeks with
another 4 off was the reason i dont have a job now. dont
misunderstand, before i went into hospital i had agreed to
standing down for the new manager if for some reason my
hospital stay was longer than expected. it was so, now i
am unemployed. i have a medical certificate for another 4
weeks off but i want a job now. i need a job now. i need
to feel needed not like child.

whilst talking to Joel he mentioned my collar (a nice gold
pendant & chain which is my dress collar) i dont recall
where i put it before going into hospital. i do recall
putting it in its box along with my diamond earrings plus
my signet ring that belonged to my great grand dad. they
would have to be safe but now to try to remember where.

enough for now

slave??? jess