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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-03-09 09:05:59 (UTC)

where have 3 weeks gone?


i am confused. i dont understand how i could have lost 3
weeks. it seems that i have had a rough time of it. i had
thought it was only 2 weeks. i am not fully aware of just
what went on exactly. i went into hospital to have what i
thought was a simple operation. i ended up losing my
ability to ever have children as well as quite a bit of my
bowel as well as my appendix. i had to be revived twice
during my 1st operation. then by all accounts i woke up
after a few days talking a lot of confusing stuff with a
bit of memory loss. i developed a massive infection then
had to be rushed back to surgery. for some reason unknown
to anyone, i refused to wake up. i finally did wake up,
obviously. once awake the hospital wanted me out as a
hospital is full of sick people lol.

this is what i am told anyway. i am sure it will come back
to me in pieces. i am assured that sometimes this is the
effect of going under to be operated on...pockets of memory
loss. so i guess i just answered my own question. that is
where 3 weeks went.

slave jess