No time for love Dr. Jones
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2006-03-07 13:37:54 (UTC)

I didn't mean to waste all your sweet time...

So Belinda and I have finally bought a house. Settlement
on the 31st of March, 2006. Scary motherfucking shit.

On an unrelated note, I just realised that the only time I
ever seem to write in this bloody thing is when I'm mad
and/or feeling lonely. What is the deal with that?

I'm 5 weeks into my TAFE course now, which is starting to
leave me feeling unsettled. I get the notion that I may
have bitten off more than I can chew with this one. My
first assignment was due today but I misse dout handing it
up because I forgot to type up a title page. Which is
cool, because the lecturer said I could hand it up

Which leads me to my next random thought, why are TAFE
lecturers such wise ass bitches? Both of my lecturers have
paid me out when I've asked them questions regarding
assignments. And I felt that both questions were valid (of
course, or I wouldn't have asked them, duh) because they
didn't mention anything about format and some other stuff.
And they both retort with wise cracks making me feel
stupid. Perhaps I should've smacked their teeth in? Maybe
that would've made them think twice before answering an
honest question.

Not sure if I've written anything lately regarding the
Rob/Con/Quinn band, so I'll start with the big news. We
finally settled on a name... Day After Sadness. We're
going to record a 3 tracks demo in two weeks, but we still
haven't decided on the 3 tracks definately yet. Plus,
Rob's been giving me the shits lately. He's not so bad
when there's no one else around, but as soon as there is,
it's like he has to have ago at me to make other people
see him as a big man. He's always having a go about
something and it's starting to piss me off to the point
where I'm not doing homework. Last week I said I'd look
into the ABN and business name stuff we need to work out,
but I've been contemplating quitting, so I haven't
actually done it yet. I guess I should get around to it.

Anyway, bed beckons, so I'll choof off and grab an hour or
three's worth of shitty sleep.

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