Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2006-03-06 22:43:08 (UTC)

Ocean: A Sestina

A white mist lightly lies upon the ocean
The harsh curves play and roll
and foam forms at the mouth of the tunnel.
The corals lay beneath the crashes
of the raging sea. Sharks lurk
as swimmers swim to the shore

Golden grains of sand rest beside the shore
that divides land from ocean
where seagulls hunt and lurk.
Humans play in the waves that roll,
grow, rise, strengthen, and crashes
breaking the waves of tunnels

Waves lap upon each other, forming tunnels
That break upon the shore
as its landing crashes
those that play in the ocean
They go under and get tangled in to a roll-
ing tide where danger lurks

The predators eyes follow and they lurk
under the coral in tunnels
the sea dust swirls and rolls
but will never reach the shore
the king of the ocean
sees all the waves crashes

Fish are brought in with the crashes
And are where the beast doth lurk
And I peed in the ocean
Where the water forms a tunnel
While I drifted from the shore
As dangers’ hommies seem to roll

The waves no more doth roll
The tide no longer crashes
I no longer see the shore
But fins where danger lurks
I wish I hadn’t peed in the tunnel
None the less in the ocean

Bodies in oceans no longer roll
No tunnels, no more crashes
But they still lurk by the murky shore

Kendra Adams
March 6, 2006