Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2006-03-06 22:20:13 (UTC)

The Bakery: A Sestina

Created by: Scott Bradford and Kendra Adams

Once upon a merry time
in a land that’s far away
there lived a gallant baker
who was proud in every way.
He’d wake early in the morning
and dash to his bakery

For he loved the smell of bread, and he loved his bakery
But alas this baker had not the time
When he arrived in the morning
So he’d thrown away
the normal way
of being a usual baker

This man, you could say, was strange for a baker
As you could see from his bakery
He didn’t bake the normal way
For he had a lack of time
in which he stored away
and would have more of in the morning

One bright and dreary morning
he lost his title as baker
For, his recipes had run away
to another bakery
Now, it seemed there would be too much time
But one day while on his way

A child stepped in his way
exclaiming, “Oh, what a beautiful morning!”
Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop because he didn’t have any
he must find every baker
and question them at the bakery
But all had gone away

After two days of the fugitive recipes run away
He paved a pound cake way
for them to return to the bakery.
The very next morning,
the recipes returned to the baker
saying it was time

No more time was wasted away
The baker baked his way
Early in the morning at his bakery

March 6, 2006

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