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2006-03-06 16:29:52 (UTC)

lazy as all hell

ALRIGHT! I have to work a double today- which doesn't
bother me too much. It's money (actually I'm not really
one of those people who cares about money, I'm more about
the fun!). Tomorrow I'm starting my diet!! I'm SO SO SO SO
excited! Ice and carrots only for a while. I need to lose
55 lbs. if I can just gain some WILLPOWER then I think I'm
gonna make that goal in NO TIME!! My goal is two months.
Yep Yep Yep.
I'm not going to start exercising until I get used to
the decreased caloric intake (I'm used to consuming well
over 3000 calories per day--I have to consume about 800
calories in drinks at work a night!) So I'm switching to
something diet at work!!
I'm lazy today though, I don't feel like getting ready
for work, I didn't feel like going to my class. Hopefully
tomorrow will be better. It has to be since tomorrow is