My Ruined Reputation
2006-03-06 01:46:12 (UTC)

I'm Not the Jealous Type

I think I've been doing better in the past two days. Last
night was a little bit bad, but only because of Sean.
Jasmin's mom was taking us to Inner World to get Jasmin's
stud for her lip and we stopped off to get gas at the gas
station in Bonsall. So her mom gives us money and tells us
to go get $5 of gas and then whatever we wanted. So we go
and get the stuff and as we're paying I glance outside and
I see Jeri, so I'm like oh shit. So he comes in and I
pretend not to see him and he like hits me on the shoulder
and is all "you're boyfriend is waiting for you outside"
and I'm just thinking...my...boyfriend...? *thinks*
Ohh...Sean x.x So ya, he stays and talks to us for a while
and we figure out that he's fucking shitfaced and he goes
to the bathroom and we come out of the store and sure
enough, Sean's right there and stuff. So he comes and
starts talking to us and everything and then Jasmin's mom
was done so we got to leave. So we go to Inner Wolrd and
get what we wanted and then came home and ya. So I was on
the phone with Zak and the call waiting thing beeped so I
switched over and it was Jasmin and she's like "omg Sean
just asked me out!" I'm just kinda like o.0 And she tells
me what happens and everything, and I'm finding it kinda
funny and stuff, so I get off the phone with her and I'm
talking to Zak again when the call waiting goes off again.
I switched over and(yay) it was Sean. So I asked him what
was up with him and Jasmin and he said nothing and
pretended to not know what I was talking about and stuff.
So I got kinda mad and everything, because he was lying to
me and all, and he mentioned that he knew about Dusty, so
that kinda sucked. Then he told me he wanted to talk to
him..and I was like ok, about what? And he wouldn't tell
me. Then he goes on guilt tripping me on how badly I
treated him and how mean I was and the fact that his
grandpa just died, so I was pretty much feeling like shit.
So I lied and said I had to get off the phone and I hung
up with him and then Zak had to go, so I was stuck doing
nothing again. I went and layed down for a little while,
just kinda thinking. I couldn't believe that Sean did
that. I don't want to sound cocky or anything, but I know
he's doing it to make me jealous and to hurt me. It's not
really working...It's just making me more and more pissed
off at him. He says he wants to be friends and that he
wants to hang out, but whenever I'm around him, he just
mopes around and everything like he did that one day when
he followed Jasmin to hang out with me. So I talked to
Dusty and that made me feel better and then I watched TV
for a while and then went to bed. Then this morning Jasmin
called me and told me she wasn't talking to Sean anymore.
Heh...I can't really blame her though...Pretty much I
think Sean is using her to try and get to me and that
pisses me off more than anything because that's all he's
doing, is using her. I thought he was better than
that...But whatever...Anyways...Ya, so I guess I'm feeling
a bit better now. Maybe it's because Dusty was feeling
better last night. I don't know. Maybe it'll all work out
in time.

At least I hope so.

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