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2006-03-05 18:23:09 (UTC)

Dieting Dancer

I weight 145 lbs. and I need to weigh 90 lbs. To do this I
will go on a diet. I will begin exercising.
I will only consume ice (I don't like water so I eat ice
instead) and carrots (they are SO good!). Nothing else. I
know it sounds terrible but it really isn't. You see, when
I am at work I have to consume a set amount of drinks that
customers buy me (those are LOADED with calories!!). So the
majority of my caloric intake will be from the drinks. It
makes sense.
I will start exercising!! I'm going to start with 100
situps a day, 10 pushups (I hate those!), 25 arm-reps per
day. I'm going to buy a pair of rollerblades and
rollerblade every day!! I LOVE ROLLERBLADING!!
I'm also going to start going to the park near my house
whenever I can (probably once it starts warming up). This
is because they have tons of stuff I can practice tricks on-
-I know it sounds dumb but I have to practice SOMEHOW!! I'm
going to use the basketball hoops, the football goal poles.
Obviously I will only go at night but I will practice. I
will learn tricks. I will be the best dancer I can possibly
I'm also going to start working on my floor
work...practicing in front of a mirror will help with that!
I only dance to a certain kind of music, and I have most of
the songs on CD already so I can practice dancing to them
and that'll also help.
MY GOAL: I want to weigh 90 lbs. and be tanned and
beautiful. (I'll start tanning twice a week starting
tomorrow). I want to one day come to work and rock the
house with my tricks and floor work. You see, I'm not going
to add everything to my routine right away, I'm going to
save it all up until I have an ENTIRE show and then just
blow them away!! That's what I want!! WISH ME LUCK!!!