Stripper Secrets
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2006-03-05 18:04:48 (UTC)

A Saturday Night

Yesterday was Saturday--WHOOT. I work on Saturdays...which
is fine because all the fun stuff happens Saturdays. But
before working I had to do some errands. I opened a
checking account (which I'm going to have to close pretty
soon). I opened my account with 225 dollars. If I take it
out of the account I'm gonna have to find a place to put it
where I won't spend it.
Last night I made about 145 dollars. I don't work too hard
at my job, I don't push I don't bring home a
lot of money from that. If I leave with over 100 every
night I'm pleased.
I need to be making 700 a week in order to pay for
everything I need to pay for (school, rent, etc.) But I've
decided that my priority is to save up my school money
first. Hopefully it'll only take a couple months to make
that much. HOPEFULLY i can control my spending. he he--

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