DayDream Believer
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2006-03-05 15:49:00 (UTC)

Took some time

Things been wild here lately, wild but fun. I belive
things have been all right with Tommy, dunno, we have our
fights, but Im pretty much all right, and he does not say
anything, negative or positive.

I`ve got some new friends, mybe Ill wirte the story about
them later.
Ive been haning out with Natalie a lot, shes a really good
friend of me now. Ceccy had her baby, its a girl and
suddelty Im wild about it. I did not like it when she told
me she was pregnant,did not like it the whole pregnancy or
even the day she was due. She was a week on overtime and I
was hoping some how the baby never would come, or at lest
not in a few years. But now shes here and I like it so
Hmm, its carzy how it have turned. Ceccy love motherhood
and all that, but Im not even sure I want kids of my own
at all.
Kelly is allright, I love my friends so much. Lately have
been a really good time for me and my firends when it
comes to friendships. My father, mother, Karoline and
Grace is also all right. It feels nice, I can spend lots
of time on me, not have to worry about things, but Im
always ready, always prepared, these things always change

Im verry tired now, but I will update with more.