me, nothing more, nothing less
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2006-03-05 12:51:17 (UTC)

I can't take it anymore, I hate her

Mum is forcing me to leave stagecoach so Im never going to
see Ruby or Lissy or Jonah or Matty ever again. She
doesn't realise that Im fucking sick and I just threw up,
she said "Ok that's Im pulling you out of Stagecoach now I
can't have you doing this every week" Its only been this
fucking week, I hate her I fucking hate her I don't regret
telling her to jump off a cliff at all I FUCKING HATE HER
she's a bitch I can't be fucked with her anymore she can
fucking die for all I care, from now on, I don't have a
fucking mum she's just some bitch who comes home and
bosses me around.

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