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2006-03-05 07:04:24 (UTC)

Tiffy's Diary-The unknown chapter 16

Kai kai...
thx thx
¯ U are so great =]
I lub u~ I think u are right.. I should let go .. my
past.. but how can i have the courage to make fds again?
it's so difficult!~
Also... I dont know =.= is actually real or not but i
trust her.. i am kinda stupid
KAI: mrs yung係咁多個學生入面最錫果個就係你,,你都知架啦......
Me: but... *sigh*... i dont know why... ( cuz no reason
for her to treat me so good)... ¯_¯ (sorry =.= I really
cant understand u so well... u are so confusing to me .
she sometimes care about me alot... then sometimes she
suddenly like change into another person)

Kai:um,,但我相信mrs yung冇你想像中咁攻心計

er.. maybe la.. cauze i dont understand her ar ma.. if i
misunderstand u ..dont blame me ar...

whaawhaa.. so confusing these days...  ̄^ ̄〞

Greatest Love from.

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