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2006-03-03 18:42:57 (UTC)

same old stuff

So it has been a month since Logan moved, we keep in touch
through emails and phone calls and talk on msn every once
in a while. We are doing good. He works alot, almost
everynight from 5 till 10 which is like 11 here so i call
him at like 1:30 12:00ish almost everynight. nothing
reallie new is going on. Allora got a job working as a
waitress at davids and made it on the junior cheerleading
squad. Ashley made it on senior cheerleading. Richelle is
getting reallie big, shes due soon. Shaylanes baby died
and Eleasah is in gwatamola doing misionary work. seems
everyone has an exciting life but me, but i guess thats
the way it is. Ian and danielle are doing reallie well
together moved into an amazing house with laura and they
take adrian more often then Ian did before. Simna is with
Kylie again adn i dont know. i dont reallie have anything
to say. i had fallen so far from the person i thought i
would be in the past year or so but i think im finally
getting back to where i want to be i cant say that i like
myself yet but its getting better. its easier to get out
of bed in the morning and with logan i say whats on my
mind. i changed my email last night its about Scott now,
thats something that hasnt happened in a long time but
yeah so this is what it is... im hoping it will be the
beging of a poem that is if i ever get around to writting
the poem lol
"im sick of phoning and trying to talk to you we both
know it doesnt work, i guess it just took me a little bit
longer to see your just another jerk"
yeah so i dont know what its all about but that okay. so i
truely believe that i am in love with Logan but i dont
want to tell him i love him again until we have been
together at least six months. anyways gotta go
forever falling xxx
meagan r