Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-03-02 11:53:59 (UTC)

sfu or carleton

Today. Has been, a phenominal day. I think. I may have
broken something internally, because I've yet to stop
laughing since, oh about noon, or so, maybe earlier, maybe a
little later...

I think. Maybe. I'm Happy. So Weird.

Some would say, it's Karma revisted. Some would say Karma is
just toying with my affections and will inflict upon me some
horrible retribution. Even more would think perhaps, it was
simply inevitable something eventually good would,
considering all the bad luck lately..

I think. I prefer, a more.. precious choice of words for it..

I am unrepentant for all things, great and small, no matter
the wrongs. on this day of all days, nothing else matters.
Wether it be for good or ill, I shall come to remember this
day, of all days.. as good..

I'm in utter shock, and disbelief.

With the flick of a pen, I am about to erase 90% of my
current debtload, except of course for my student loans, of
which because of the laws enacted AFTER my getting the loans
has grandfathered into existance a clause which
effectivly, eliminates 2/3's of my student loan debt. And,
of course because of my sheer apathetic attitude towards
income tax, which I've not done in 4 years, will allow me to
clear off the total interest on the principle loan amount
owing, which is crazy, GOD BLESS the Canadian tax/legal system..

I have just ransacked every rule on the planet, and it's
paying off in spades..

My total debtload, drops from close to $50k to just under
$10k.. of course, declaring bankruptcy isn't the best thing
in the world to do.. I mean it basically means I can't get a
credit card for 2 to 4 years, but I haven't had one in about
6 years anyways.. so who really cares.. I don't miss having
them anywas.. but damned, if it doesn't just make me wanna
dance like a damned fiend.. and it does.. oh yeah

OH, am I going Reap the Whirlwind after today.

SO.. Simon Fraiser in Vancouver? or Carleton in Ottawa?

these are my new choices.. fucking hell I hate choices..