My Ruined Reputation
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2006-03-02 05:51:52 (UTC)

It's Like a Gun to Your Head

So here I am, what...five days later? I've been trying
really hard for the past few days to get things right, but
nothing's working. I haven't been sober for the past three
or four days. Nothing's helping me. I'm trying so hard to
forget about everything, but it's not working. It just
keeps getting worse. I can pretend to be ok, but on the
inside I'm dying. I want to make everything better, but I
can't. I wrote a poem about it kinda...I was stoned and
still twaked out when I wrote it.

Dawn a New Day
A ball of fire peeks over the land,
Creating colors of all shades.
Come, take my hand,
Before the beauty fades.

The green of the grass appears,
And the glow of the light reveals.
To my eyes the splendor brings tears,
To all my senses does this appeal.

It’s time to start over, start anew,
Maybe now I can make things right.
Maybe today I’ll repair myself too,
With the power and strength of this light.

As this, my friend, ascends higher,
Lifting my spirit along with it.
Today I will not tire,
For now, the whole world is brightly lit.

I'm not sure it really does what I'm feeling justice, but
I tried to just get everything out. I want to make
everything go away. I want to forget but with everything I
do, I just remember more and more. I can't stop thinking.

Drugs, Drugs, More Drugs...

Until The Brain Forgets Who I Am...

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